South West US


Mountain camping experience & convenience store within an hour of metro Denver

This scenic destination at 9,230’ elevation is just 30 miles from Denver and five minutes from a State Park. Guests come for the many local attractions and natural beauty. The business is unique to the competition because of its location and amenities. Laundry facilities, hot showers, liquor store, convenience store, gas station, and propane filling are features that other area campgrounds lack. Having these amenities on site ensures the park receives a lot of business from the local community and campers staying at other parks. 13.8 CAP,  $2 MIL+ gross in 2021.

Information requests:

How much of a down-payment is needed? A commercial loan generally requires 30% down.

Some RV park sellers may offer campground seller financing which could require a downpayment higher than the typical 30%. Current industry averages for commercial loans are thirty percent down. More information on seller financed parks is available on our Seller Financed Campgrounds & RV Parks for sale page.

How do I view financial information on park listings?

Campground Profit and Loss statements are available to qualified buyers.

Where are these parks located? Sellers have requested we maintain confidentiality online.

Making public the name and location of a business for sale can have an adverse effect on its employees and client base. A park’s employees may become anxious and seek new employment, seasonal clients may alter established patterns of occupancy in light of a change of ownership, and competitors may benefit from the knowledge of an upcoming transition in management. By not publishing names and locations online we minimize this risk. We realize this anonymity is a hurdle to individuals gathering information online, and understand the inconvenience. However, we will freely share detailed business information to interested buying parties that contact us. We strive to protect the confidentiality of campground sellers and require discretion from campground buyers as well.

Are there RV parks for sale not published online?

We regularly have RV parks for sale not published online due to seller confidentiality. Contact us to inquire further.